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Monnaluna and IGTV

I would love to get your feedback on how Monnaluna is perceived by each one of you. I ask you all to partecipate simply by adding your comments on our page or on Instagram @monnalunafashion

The art of this social media channel was introduced to me by a great friend and very knowledgable and determined woman @padryabucar She was the person that directed me to this new system that during this difficult time has brought me closer to my existing clients and friends, and allowed me to make new friends too. Visit her instagram and you will see what I mean about being on top of it! So everything that I have tried with regards to this virtual world is indeed her merit! You can see us here with her determination in showing me her art and her abilities from which I too, managed to learn and utilise

Padrya interviews Giovanna Flavia Bruno of Monnaluna Fashion
Padrya Bucar at Monnaluna Fashion

My first IGTV thanks to Padrya Bucar asking me questions and presenting Monnaluna to fans on the other side of the world
Padrya Bucar and Giovanna of Monnaluna

Grazie Padrya!

As I attempt to become a little more knowledgable regarding the technology that surrounds me, I am also quite sure that not all of you are aware that you can actually see our jewelry live, or ask to see what we have live on Instagram or with specific zoom meetings. Every week, I do at least one live IGTV. I walk around Florence showing you some of the ambience and the quaint corners of the city near our shop here in the Oltrarno as in this video, or I talk about fashion - Monnaluna fashion, as in this video

All of our Monnaluna accessories are handmade and made to order too. When I go live, you can actually see the items we have in our shop at that time and should you want it, you can buy it too! See one of our latest IGTV with this link Either go to the website or reach out to me with a DM on Instagram. It's the closest we have to being here in person and having an exchange of opinion on what you may require for your look of for that special occasion that you have coming up on your calendar.

As we prepare a new visual to propose to all of you, we hope that you will have time to send us your suggestions and comments. They are essential for us to become more synchronized with what you expect from us and, if you really want a one on one, don't forget that we are very open to zoom appointments to sit down with you at home or where you're most comfortable and us here in our shop to show you every item possible that corresponds to your needs with regards to size, color and dimension. Our customization is our forté and we pride ourselves in reaching out to those of you that can't be with us for the moment.

I look forward to getting all your remarks about Monnaluna soon and wish you all a SUPER DAY!

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