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Summertime in 2020 and our first IGTV

Back to work and back to our blog! We hope all of you friends and family, near and far, are doing well!

It was thanks to some good friends that this summer, we were lucky enough to be invited to Sardegna for a few days off. We left Florence on the 1st of August and returned home on the 18th. It was heavenly!

You may ask - why talk about this on the blog?? Well, the reason I'm writing about this on my website, dedicated to my brand, Monnaluna, is because it was definitely another source of inspiration and I want to share it with all of you....hoping that it allows you a little relief from the difficult times we have all faced. I also hope it gives you a little idea of how it is that I find creative impulse from things that surround us.

The coast is important for this country in particular, being surrounded as it is by water - a true unique peninsola in the form of a boot as I'm sure you all know (our destiny as a fashion hub was in the geographical genes!!)! These pictures show some of the coast of Sardegna near #castelsardo. You can appreciate the intense colors of the Mediterranean Sea but the spirit of the people and the stories of Sardegna are rooted even deeper than you would imagine. I found a lot of inspiration here too, especially while visiting the artifacts at the Museum at Castelsardo and am using it for new pieces already appearing in my mind's eye!! You'll see them in the near future!

But returning to the present here in Florence, where you can find our us and our shop, we would like to have you join us for our first grand event on Instagram - we hope you will be there to root us on for our first Live Video on Instagram!! That's right, we've decided we're going to reach out to you, since it's a little difficult for many of you to join us here at the moment!

On the 4th of September, if you have time and would like a little live insight, follow o live streaming on IGTV of our Instagram page and you can see and interact with me directly there. Save the date and follow us on instagram @monnalunafashion !

We will talk about Monnaluna and present one of our sets: the Dew Drop Collection . You can view a few pieces of this collection here below; just a preview of the many different pieces and colors I'll be talking about and showing during our video.

Please join us for some light hearted conversation and fun!

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