Simple dual setting with pointed filigree petals that fold over a central crystal. Contrarié ring for easy adjusting. Central crystal diameter approximately 6 mm. Band with superficial decor. Gold plated.

WS Acute Filigree Petal Collection Contrarié Ring

SKU: ANL041_14
Color: AmethystVitrail
  • Technical Characteristics

    All our items are handmade, one by one. They are made of brass and then gold plated, copper and gold for rose gold finish, or palladium plated in the case of white gold. They are then treated with a coating to protect the surface. All crystals are Swarovski and/or Preciosa. Each item comes with a certificate of origin and a box as per our landing page coupon selection. All items are authentically Handmade by Italian Artisans directly in our workshop in Florence, Italy.