Charms Necklace with round elements with chizelled surface studded with crystals. A new piece to the already super successful Circle Delight Collection. It alternates three different colors of crystals to enhance a playfull yet elegant design. Nothing is more light hearted as charms on a necklace or on a bracelet.Dimensions: single crystal 8mm diameter approximately

WS Circle Delight Collection Necklace

SKU: CNL030_20
Crystal Color combination: Violet_LtAmethyst_Rose
  • Technical Characteristics

    All our items are handmade, one by one.
    They are made in brass and plated in gold, white gold, or rose gold.  All crystals are Swarovski and/or Preciosa from the Czech Republic. Each item comes with a certificate of origin and pouch. All items are authentically Handmade by Italian Artisans directly in our workshop in the center of Florence, Italy. Our shop is in Sdrucciolo dé Pitti 22/r near Palazzo Pitti and Ponte Vecchio. Exclusive Monnaluna Collection pieces.

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