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Monnuluna welcomes you to join our team as a reseller, agent or distributor of our fashion accessories and enjoy the many benefits on offer, including marketing support, special prices and fast shipment. 

Jewelry Resellers 

We are currently open to resellers of our handmade jewelry line. The Monnaluna jewelry line is all created on-site in Florence, Italy. Each piece is one of a kind, and all designs are customisable with a wide selection of colour options. We have some pieces dating back years as their appeal and easy wearability does not wane over time.


We use Swarovski and/or Preciosa crystals and the metal is brass then plated in gold, white gold or rose gold.

Become a Reseller 

Please complete the form below to register your interest in becoming a reseller.

Why Monnaluna?

  • Special price-list for Resellers

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Offers

  • Advertising material (such as displays and banners)

  • Opportunity to use our web services (for on-line shops only)

  • Shipment in 24/48 hours for all products available in stock

Thanks for submitting!


A few colour combinations of our Dew Drop Single Marquis ring


Our resellers love our customisable Italian hand-crafted artisanal pieces that sell time and time again.


The Monnaluna line will please art lovers and fashionistas alike, taking inspiration from the Florentine Renaissance period, the pieces embody elegance and femininity.

Why Our Customers Love Us ...

“Pure Florentine craftsmanship. Friendly and knowledgeable owners.”

“Amazing craftsmanship, great bags and accessories.”

“Beautiful and excellent quality jewelry. Elegant bags.”


Joining our team is as simple as:

  1. Complete the Register Your Interest Form 

  2. We will be in touch with more information and to arrange your introductory call

  3. You choose your items and they are shipped

  4. We are here to support you along the way


Get The Support From a Dedicated Account Manager

Remember, you don’t just get a stock list when you work with us, you’re part of the Monnaluna team. 

That means you can take up the support from a dedicated account manager who can help with marketing and any enquiries you may have as well as receive all advertising material pertinent to your buys. 

We can do Lives on Facebook or Instagram to promote your products as a one-off or as more of a regular occurrence as well as Zoom sessions!

Resellers in North America, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau 

If you are interested in selling our pieces in your shop, and you are located in North America, Asia, South America or Europe, please write to us and we will provide you with our distributor information.

We have important partners that are promoting our products in those territories, and looking to expand with new collaborations, and would love you to join our team. 


Please write to us for any further information at or fill in your information above.

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