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Monnaluna: A quick look at a few places around the globe, through our eyes, before we reopen

Updated: May 5, 2020

Where does the Monnaluna idea begin?

What can the fashion world offer, (all of it, with its big players, the "Super brands" and its tiny players, we artisans), after this moment passes?

And it will pass.....

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito. VIRGIL

(Yield not to misfortunes, but on the contrary, fight all the more boldly)

I have always looked to the Renaissance period as the most enlightened moment in mankind's history. It was that moment, when the awakening from the "gloom" of Medieval times, fostered thirst for all things beautiful. This thirst, that brought joy to the eyes and into the soul, was the seed to the enlightenment of Mankind as a whole, while propelling us into a more civilized world. The Renaissance is synonymous of incredible, innovative, fascinating and beautiful achievements. These were a constant denominator for all masterpieces and creations of that flourishing moment: paintings, statues, tapestries, gowns, poetry, anatomy, textiles, jewels, architecture, new economics, social structures, ideas in all fields, with a list that goes on, and on.

I am not a writer and have no particular predisposition, nor a title to make "announcements" - I just have some inspiring thoughts and aspirations that I'd like to share with you, hoping the few minutes it takes to read about me and #Monnaluna, #Florence (Italy), #Calgary (Canada) and many other countries in the following blogs, will distract you for a few minutes and above all, make you smile. This is my humble objective. I will try to do so by writing about things that are relevant to my person and the events of my past and the ideas for my future, and will bring you all into my world - the Monnaluna World.

I do believe that we are all, at this very moment, united by common thoughts and fears and hopes. This is one thing that is a certainty for me now, even more than it was before:


I believe that true globalization is merely the realization that the world, as a whole, must proceed in the same, united, compact and balanced direction or it has no future and no worth ... well for all these reasons, I will begin this blog story just naming my beginnings, and my roots.

So as all stories, this one begins where I was born: #Calgary

(I am not sure of the author of this photo so I apologize if I do not mention the name)

A moonlit Calgary skyline
Calgary by night

A full moon behind the #Calgarytower

I was the first of three siblings of Italian Immigrants: my father from #Calabria (thank-you to Francesco Lanzino for the photo below)

Coastline of Calabria in the sunset

my mother from #Tuscany (my own photo from a wonderful place near Bagno Vignoni)

Roman Ruins near Bagno Vignoni not far from Siena
Roman Ruins

And I currently live with my son and daughter and husband in Florence, Italy #firenze (my pwn photo)

Florence by night view from Piazzale Michelangelo

These places are all entwined in my character and my being. They have contributed to making me who I am. And I strongly believe that these all so different places, are all a part of me, contribute to my restless nature and my urge to create things that aren't tied to any one place only. And this brings me to say that I believe the fashion world has a big role to play: in the economics of things and in the spirit of things. No one can be excluded or left behind.

Fashion is Passion. Only authentic and genuine spirit will bring us forward from this stagnant and very difficult moment. Beautiful things are not irrelevant, if we are to learn from the Renaissance, I feel this moment is a modern Renaissance moment.

Monnaluna fashion products can embrace women from many different cultures, with much care given to the single nature of each - hence my deep, and intense, personalization concept in every Monnaluna piece. Lovely emotions enriched by my roots, my travels and my experiences transferred to our Monnaluna collections.

Stay tuned for the next blog about the early years...

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