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Global connections and Multiculturalism

It's not easy to start over. At any age. It's even more difficult with the scars of this particularly atrocious moment that have hit us all - everyone across the world.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone realizes how we are all, truly and completely, interconnected. This pandemic situation has had me reminisce about my origins, about my family and friends near and far, and about how something in one part of the world, geographically far away, is actually something that touches you just like it were in your own back yard. But the rainbow is always to shine at the end of a storm.

This particular moment made me think about multiculturalism as a way of blending different cultures and nationalities without losing the wealth that those places of origin provide through the icons, the language, the foods, the arts, the precious moments that those ethnic groups practice and pass along in future generations. All of course with respect for the tradition and laws of the new land that embraces these people. I grew up with a multicultural society during my young years in Canada and am glad it allowed me to keep my Italian traditions as a part of who I am. This too has allowed me to bring my Canadian background into my work, now here in Florence, and it proves to be most precious when it comes to building long lasting business relations as well as allowing me to explain the high degree of creativity behind what we do with the ease of the most important language for travels and business today - English. It has also brought me to enhance my creative vein with the genius of many people that surround me here in Florence and more specifically here in the street where we are located in Sdrucciolo de Pitti, in the "cool district" of the Oltrarno ... take a look at these pieces of art by Alessio Petrarchi! He makes cushions out of these panels of quality textiles!

Monnaluna fashion is totally and utterly committed to providing you with that little touch of fun through your choice of accessories. It is our mission at this time to make it more intriguing by promoting sales in a novel way. Our pieces are a part of us!

So we ask that you stay on our social media and follow our posts as we will be posting teasers with a countdown to our event starting the beginning of August. We would be honored if you will join us and be a part of it with the novelty and the lightheartedness that we hope to transmit.

It's a way to be together even if we're apart. The art of creativity at its finest will be brought to your front door with this modern social media early September. Stay tuned!

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