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Why dedicate a Monnaluna Fashion Accessory Blog to #OPERA ? Well, for those of you who know Latin, it is perhaps obvious. For those that don't, let me humbly explain: "Opera" means work, as in an activity, a laborious activity, often handmade too. People are more familiar with its common, modern entertainment meaning. Indeed, when it is used, it triggers in our mind the world of #OPERA , as in lyrics, presentations, theatrical scenes, music, singers, musicians, choreography, ballerinas, artists of all kinds on a stage, (almost always in a magnificent setting of an Opera house somewhere in the world - and it seems Italy has the podium for this too with its over 60 Opera Houses!!)

So, again, why #OPERA when talking about fashion? well, fashion is also borne of #ARTISAN undertakings, often commissioned, never routine. Those same works that filled the world with novelties in all fields over the history of mankind and most intensively during the #RENAISSANCE , are still the heart of all things beautiful.

An #ARTISAN is also a server to the #ARTS. I am an #ARTISAN and the reason why I am accosting these two worlds, mine as an #ARTISAN and the world of #OPERA, is because their roots, or DNA if you will, are somewhat entwined and similar. The work that goes into the hours of pure entertainment we indulge in when we go to the #OPERA, actually disguises and is at the same time fruit of the hours, days, months and years of work into becoming an #OPERA singer, a musician, a technical assistant, makeup artist, a costume designer or a ballerina. #ARTISAN products also conceal the hours of labour to learn the traits required to create, and the actual time invested in making that one single piece. Both #ARTS are only the final materialisation of the immense energy, learning, testing, and passion poured into the "opera". All of which are then directly forged from the soul of the artist. The reward is the outcome: a portrayal of an #OPERA , or the outcome of an #ARTISAN product. The need for beauty and the energy it releases is the glue that combines all these efforts into magnificent pieces of #ART

Only when we invest in art, do we experience an advancement of the human race. What moment in time best represents the hype of #ART to you? The best example is one of humanity's most glorious moments: it is the #RENAISSANCE period

During the #RENAISSANCE, even the #MEDICI family enjoyed preparing entertainment at their parties and events to the point that they portrayed naval battles in the courtyard of #PALAZZOPITTI where they lived.

The Pitti Palace is at the top of my shop's street. The guests of the Medici gatherings were entertained there while observing this staging of a battle from the surrounding balconies. At the end of the presentation, the water was released and flowed down our street giving it its name #SDRUCCIOLODEPITTI But for a more complete and graphic explanation, please enjoy our short video by #PAGLIAIFILMGROUP and the precious collaboration of #CNA on you tube

The moment we are living requires a lot of love, introspection, and emotional purging to allow healing. The recipe for healing is indulging in beauty and in the #ARTS So it seems very fit that this year, the Italian National Committee for #UNESCO voted to recommend #OPERA as the candidate for recognition as one of merit to be considered as one of the world's intangible heritage.

This acknowledgement of the worth of #OPERA is also a huge and very important indication of this peculiar moment and the great opportunity to live a ReNewed Humanistic Era. If we are all to become better versed in civic duties and civil equilibriums as one human race, then we also must begin to invest in the right forms of entertainment and in unique personal gratifications. #SUSTAINABILITY also means addressing these arts from a proper perspective - it should not just be a slogan for people that think it's important, #SUSTAINABILITY needs to be applied to everything we do and everything we purchase.

The combination of these two worlds, #OPERA and #ARTISANS , allows me to announce with great joy and pride that Monnaluna is now sponsored in the world of #OPERA through a wonderful #ARTIST named #TERESAIERVOLINO An exquisite, young lady, a "mezzo soprano". She is from #NAPOLI, has lived and worked in many cities and is a person rich of expression and experience even with her young age. Her persona is a projection of femininity and her work is a great combination of what we can do as artists together when these two worlds, #ARTISAN and #OPERA, overlap and embrace each other with their common aspirations and fruitions.

The edition of May 2022 of Opera Life Magazine chose our beautiful Teresa with our jewels

Photographer: Michele Monasta

Jewels: Monnaluna

Image Consultant: Susanna Alberghini

#OPERA is cultured entertainment. Artisan products are unique, not made by machines and not mass produced which means the materials are proportionate to the actual need - no unnecessary waste or over production with all the versatility of unique pieces that require time to make and are specific to you. Both these Arts are devoted and limited to necessities of beauty in a harmonic realm.

Let's hope that our ardent endeavours, as #ARTISTS in the #OPERA and the #ARTISAN worlds, help fertilise a much needed return to beautiful things in a deep, enriching way for us all.

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