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Monnaluna's Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Shop in the Oltrarno of Florence, Italy

Shipping and Payment terms:


Delivery time takes between 2 to 5 days from our door to yours.
Method of payment is with all major Credit Card services or with Paypal.

Shipping cost will be determined based on size of shipment and destination.

The shipping costs begin at € 12,00 (twelve Euros). 
Contact us for more information and if you don't see what you want, Pre Order and get free shipping!

Tell us which piece you may be interested in and in what colors, we will talk with you or text you, make sure we offer you the best possible service, and send you an order confirmation so you can rest assured it's exactly made for you! Your deposit will be deducted from the balance when the goods are ready to ship, straight from our workshop near Ponte Vecchio to your address! Try us out! 


European Union


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