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This entry into the Cross collection pieces is nothing short of unique. Born from a specific request of a lady client in Toronto, Canada, it came quite naturally to make. It was indeed an inspiration that found imediate syncronization between the request and our execution. It's a balanced combinaiton of geometric forms that is embelleshed with small filigree spheres as many of our pieces are. As all other Monnaluna pieces, it can be made to order in the color combinations that are most fitting to your look. We pride ourselves in matching your personal color passions. The pendant itself is 85x60mm and the chain length is approximately 80cm

Pompei Cross Pendant necklace

SKU: CNL102_22
Finish: Gold
  • Technical Characteristics

    All our items are handmade, one by one. 
    They are made in brass and plated in gold, white gold, or rose gold.  All crystals are Swarovski and/or Preciosa from the Czech Republic. Each item comes with a certificate of origin and pouch. All items are authentically Handmade by Italian Artisans directly in our workshop in the center of Florence, Italy. Our shop is in Sdrucciolo dé Pitti 22/r near Palazzo Pitti and Ponte Vecchio. Exclusive Monnaluna Collection pieces.If you're in the area, come on in ....otherwise select your favorite, add it to your cart, check out, and we'll send it to you!


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