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'Tis the Season

As we approach the end of the year, we all are likely relishing in the happy moments, achievements and events of 2021 while looking forward into 2022 with hope, aspirations and new ideas and goals.

We began our journey into 2021, as always, by pondering how to promote, beyond the closed boarders, our Monnaluna Artisan products. We tried to augment our visibility with our humble social media abilities by high lighting the part of Florence we belong to: the #Oltrarno. This is our district, and is home to a lot of different artisan crafts and their unique products. We are located on a peculiar street called #sdrucciolo; it is a narrow artery that connects #piazzapitti to #piazzasantospirito - too narrow to allow the bigger vehicles to transit through

Sdrucciolo de Pitti 22r Florence, Italy Fashion Shopping
Monnaluna Fashion

The stories here in the Renaissance heart of #Florence abound. With the precious guidance of these true behind the screen masters, we can be seen highlighted in a short video made in March of 2021. This was a very intense moment with a lot of kind contribution in energy, ideas and a glorious time with true Friends and Professionals

Pagliai Film Group, Veronika Blomkvist, Marco Goretti CNA
Cuddles from Florence

Nothing has been more important to Monnaluna than the altruistic help offered by people who have shown their true friendship and generous, unconditional trust and collaboration. One note in particular to Andrina! - you know who you are!!

We are happy to continue into 2022 with the HONEST collaboration and profound LOYALTY of people of integrity. Our mission is to help people understand the new #slowfashion concept of "buy less but buy better" that only personalised artisan goods can offer. Ideated, designed and Made in Italy through and through.

The more we concentrate on promoting products in general, the more we see the intricate connections between us all and this brings us energy to move forward decidedly. The fervour of manual creativity is something common to artisans in general and during the Renaissance it was the ignition that the Medici family so cunningly fuelled by financing architectural projects, paintings, sculptures and more. They helped bring to this very day all the marvels everyone is so familiar with in Florence. We Artisans are humbly trying to redirect consumers in a sustainable approach to products and goods that respect the environment, labour, and authentic manufacturing skills and procedures.

Monnaluna knows it is difficult to depict the bigger picture for people convincing them to opt in buying something artisan rather than something mass produced, but we are convinced this is the right direction we all need to take. Buying materials from 0Km, sourcing suppliers that are themselves respectful of labour laws and of the environment, working on timelines that allow for fewer transfers and shipments, producing only what is necessary for the actual order in hand and not mass producing just to abate the cost of the single item; these are all efforts that take time, energy and money to promote. But these ideals, true to the artisan world, are also the ones that will protect our future economically and environmentally. We push forward!

Before heading out to Canada later in the year, I was able to start, with the aide of #FirenzePrimaeDopo a fun series of videos on the first eight artisans under the #InBottega project. A concept that is a generous promoter, under the wing of a dear friend called Kris, from Hawaii. She is a determined sponsor of authentic artisan shops and products here in the #Oltrarno and with her help, we are devising new methods for the sales of Authentic Artisan products.

In Canada, needless to say, I was overwhelmed by the warm reception and the incredible embrace of our imperative values: sustainability, personalisation, creativity, authentic handmade items and quality. The team in Canada is unbeatable and far reaching ... we will delve into more details of this specific collaboration in another blog as this angle has a lot for me to refer ...

Some of our most important moments of the year are shared here with you. Below is the article of #TheFlorentine November edition, written and promoted by a kind friend, under the editorial orchestration of the team of #TheFlorentine

The Florentine November 2021 Edition In Bottega Artisan products slow fashion Florence
The Florentine November 2021

We therefore want to thank all the people that have made it over here to Florence, notwithstanding the difficult moment and have come into my shop and into the shops of the artisans here in the #Oltrarno to buy and actually contribute to our survival. We want to thank also all the honest and profound relations that we have forged with collaborations around the world with the intent of building our market but most of all, learning to reach the market with the eyes and ears of our partners. Gratitude goes to a first group of tourists that gave us some very precious feedback and input into the ideas we have for the new Year. You can read with more precise wording our directions with the exquisite article the Debra Kollka kindly wrote for us here in her #bagnidiluccablog

Our TRUE FRIENDS are all here with us, the ones faithful and trustworthy moving forward with us into the next year full of inspiration and collaboration



Italian Girl Bijoux, Romina Monaco, Tony Monaco
IL POSTICINO, Toronto, Canada

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