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Calgary is a city in the lower part of Alberta, in Canada. It is near the Rocky mountains and it's where I was born.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am the first born of three siblings. My father reached Calgary in the early 60's with an incredible trip across the Ocean. A trip that lasted about 3 weeks over the ocean and many days by train from the east coast to Calgary, much closer to the west coast. An immigrant. My mother joined him in early 1967.... another immigrant. But I feel, thanks to my parents and thanks to the experiences I have had living in different parts of the world and to the traveling done, that I can relate to women from different parts of the world.

This is the source, together with the marvels that I breathe daily living in Florence, of my inspiration for Monnaluna

Florence doesn't need an introduction - most certainly not from me. Everyone knows that it is the hub of the Renaissance, home to the Medici Dynasty, a very vibrant and a simply divine reality.

This is now where I live. This is where I have found my heart and where I have found the right ambience for my project: Monnaluna

Monnaluna wants to be a fashion name that mitigates the necessities of modern women. Women are often found to be quashed in their choices trying to balance a career, their appearance, their femininity, and possibly comfort. Nothing needs to give in to the other and nothing needs to be given up. Our proposals, which can all be declined to suite you individually, are the best way to serve you respecting all the characteristics of women from different extractions and with different wants. This is our proposal with respect for women and for the world we live. This world is truly, only one reality with many different colors, stories and needs.

Monnaluna will cater to you efficiently, carefully and with the best quality.

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Jagjit Singh
Jagjit Singh
31 mai 2020

Very nice.

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