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Monnaluna and what we hope to achieve with our fashion proposals

Monnaluna is located in the center of Florence, in a district called "Oltrarno". Literally, this means beyond the Arno, which is the river that flows through Florence. One side is where you will find the Duomo, PiazzaSantaCroce, PiazzadellaRepubblica, PonteVecchio and many more incredible sites and museums to visit along with incredible shopping experiences in the shops of the Super brands. The other side, the Oltrarno, is where you will find PiazzaPitti (connected by the CorridoioVasariano to PalazzoVecchio and the UffiziGallery), PiazzaSantoSpirito and us. We are a humble artisan reality, like many in this area of Florence. #Monnaluna, and other fantastic artisan shops are in Sdrucciolo de Pitti where you can also find many other artisan shops

My humble origins may be a reason that I am attracted to this type of business and why I propose my crafts with the passion that only artisans have. Something that thrives only if the personal direct contact is there too. I love to meet the people that I do business with and learn from them and grow with them in a project that is entirely based on fulfilling the necessities and the requests of our clients first and foremost. Just like I had the pleasure to serve today with a couple that was incredibly kind and very appreciative people from Germany. We offer unique items in personalized color combinations to turn it into a special treat just for you! Monnaluna #bracelets

And I remember coming to Florence as a child during our summer holidays and feeling like I was in a magical world where things were old, sometimes even "crumbling" and unfortunately, sometimes, not so well kept, yet they had an aura that almost gave you a flavor and a scent of something completely engulfed by beauty, romanticism and genuine positive emotion. It's truly hard to define, unless you've been here of course. All these memories are tied to Florence specifically, and Italy in general.

Memories that exploded with the smell of "buxus" ( or "boxwood"), on one afternoon in an open door vivarium here in Florence. The smell of "buxus" reminded me of when we would visit the Boboli gardens as a child. I only discovered that they were the bush used by the architects that designed the gardens of the Medici family when I asked the gardener what that smell was. It had totally unlocked a lot of events and places and people and scenes. Incredible how our minds capture happenings and show them to us again through triggers like this one.

I felt like I was here even before my family brought me here. I felt like this was home and nothing could bring me more daily serenity and fascination for my surroundings than here. This also may be thanks to the outstanding educational system of Canada. Why do I say this? Well because I believe that the "multiculturalism" and its system, as a political philosophy, even an ideology if you will, adopted in Canada during the '70s, allowed me and others that were first generation and even second or third generation offspring, maintain a hold on the culture and the family from which we come. But this is another story ....

I'd love to know what you think of Florence? Have you been here before? What would you like to see most? What is you favorite place or site, food or statue, shop or garden? Please write us and let us know. We will be publishing your comments on our blog in a future edition

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