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NEW IGTV Broadcast coming, with your help!!

The autumn is here with all its color and the fresh crisp air is lingering in the morning sun. Spring and Autumn are the months that energize me with new ideas, projects and goals. Winter is my sore spot since I do not appreciate the cold weather and the summer is the season when I feel most free to enjoy some time off without feeling too guilty.

What's your favorite season? Let me know and let me know why it's your favorite and what colors you feel most comfortable with in that particular season.

Coming down to talk about Monnaluna: did you catch my first IGTV? If not, watch it here and let me know what I did wrong or how I can improve - but be gentle, please! I count on all of you for help in getting better at this as we go along together.

Now that we all enter this colorful time of the year, let's focus on fashion! And it's not about getting dressed up only to go somewhere special, it's about feeling special no matter where we are and what we have to do!

My next event will be Saturday the 3rd of October at 17:30 CEST which is the equivalent of 16:30 Greenwich, 11:30 on the Eat Coast of North America, 23:30 in China, 9:30 on the West Coast of North America, 12:30 in Argentina and parts of Brazil and so on. I hope to do this together with all of you!! So, please join me then, but before you do, give me your opinion as to what you would like to hear me talk about. You can choose between the story behind: our Circle Delight Collection or our Crystal Dome Collection?

Write me your reply with an email message on the website or DM on Instagram @monnalunafashion

They are both great selling collections but have totally different inspirational sources and unique stories behind them. Intrigued?? I hope so!!

What exactly are we doing? We are programming these IGTV with an agenda whereby I introduce to you a new collection that we haven't yet talked about, or something new from our collection, or something particular about the collection, or new colors or new events where we will be showing our collections. As this moment is a little particular to say the least, the best way I can think of staying close is by communicating with social media which I confess, is not my forte. BUT, that being said, I also am grateful and realize that Social media and modern means of communication are preserving our sanity by allowing us all to enter into a sphere of virtual nestling and cajoling while discussing fashion. A topic that connects us all and allows us some easy and relaxing conversation.

So please tune in!!

Follow us on Instagram @monnnalunafashion and Facebook where you can find all the information you need and send us your specific requests.

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