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Wine, Chestnuts, and Staying Home with Virtual Shopping

Although not everywhere and not everyone enjoys Halloween, I do think it's safe to say that almost everyone does enjoy the coziness that comes with the autumn season: extraordinary colors in the forrests everywhere, the smell of rain in the air refreshing and cleansing after the intense heat of the summer, relaxing on a sofa in front of a well lit fireplace, walks in the woods to find mushrooms on your path.

Here in "the Old Country", (as some still refer to Italy), the autumn is a season of many festivities with the famous "Sagre" in almost every little town in Italy. They begin in the spring, and often come to their magnificent apex in the Autumn with celebrations for the harvesting of grapes, corn, chestnuts, olives and much more making the atmosphere very relaxing and inviting.

This season is permeated with these events that always involve EATING and DRINKING of course!

It is no surprise that the Sagre are also well known to tourists that affectionately visit Italy with more care to details and off beat trails. The latest Wines and the freshly squeezed olives for the "New Olive Oil" as they call it. Many of you that know me well, also know that I always try to go to these Sagre which give me time to myself, and time to indulge in fabulous dwellings with a wide range of tasty delights to try out and bring back home to use in new recipies.

The tourist that wants the more authentic experience of what life is like in this part of the world, knows well to visit at least one, or more, of these events and go all out with the fantastic foods offered. We artisans, on the other hand, are the "artists" behind the fashion and design greatness of Italian products and I confess that we miss you all! But we will return to enjoying each other's company and enjoying the wonders of this city and more all around this magnificent country.

Unfortunately, this year we are all a little stressed and tied to events that are beyond our control, if not that of adhering to using the precautions the medical world has repeatedly advised us all to do. So the only way I can be with you in a similar context is through events like this in Toronto and I think it is a fantastic opportunity for all of you to join us virtually with the best we have to offer through these wonderful, albeit virtual, channels.

Stay tuned with Monnaluna on our weekly IGTV appointments @monnalunafashion as we proceed with posting as much as we can, and photographing in the beautiful streets of Florence that awaits all of you to return. Stay Safe everyone! We'll get through this together!

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