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It's always a little tricky trying to penetrate foreign markets and it does indeed take a lot of time and energy, professional guidance, luck and determination to make a difference in this highly competitive world. I confess, I have not always made the right choices.

Monnaluna through the designer Giovanna Flavia Bruno
Giovanna Flavia Bruno

My project with Monnaluna has had good and bad moments as I'm sure most of the projects in the fashion world have. This adventure started in 2009, when the global economic stage was definitely not the most friendly, nor the most prosperous. And since then, many different events have occurred that brought me to where I am now.

I must say that nothing is more challenging than balancing the situations life throws at you, (over and beyond running a family as a Mother), and what this world of very cunning, but not always competent and professional people, throw at you. One must be very, very wary always.

It is obvious that this Pandemic has put another harsh halt to the projects we were all working on and blocked the progress we all strived for with our respective activities. Those of us without a mainstream income have definitely been put to the test to the extreme.

In the end, with all my scars, and with the turn that this pandemic has made us all take with regards to the methods of promotion of our pojects on the world stage, I believe that I am reaching a moment of positive propulsion towards a very promising future. I have been blessed with new opportunites and new materials that are bringing my project to a new level and promoting it under a new light. Many before have shown their expertise and promised the unreachable. It is scary and emotionally consuming, without excluding the economical toll. What is most promising now, in my humble opinion, is the multitude of opportunities that are being launched, on different institutional levels and in different parts of the world with new digital strategies and social media. BUT what counts most for me, as has always counted most for me, is the personal, professional and coherent collaboration of those that have become part of my "Monnaluna team". I want to thank each and everyone of you in turn with blogs.

This month in fact I will start with this manifest. The following piece which was done by the

Shanghai Florence Sino Italian Design Exchange Center with the approval of the City of Florence and District N 4 Legnaia of Florence (the link below will give you the whole story)

I am honored and proud and hope to make my true collaborators an important part of our project on a long term basis even more intensely.

Indeed, these moments of mutual support and professional exchange are too few and far between with many just trying to fill their protfolios and shelves with products and projects without capturing the true essense of honest business and good work ethics. So for this, I thank those of you from Belgium, to Canada to China and back here to Italy, that are in my heart before and above being in my business circle. Grazie to you all!

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