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New beginnings - The Renaissance of Love

What a better way to start off this year than with the programming of a super event that coronates a dream like a wedding? Weddings are the beginning of a new family and an important milestone in many people's lives. It is like a Renaissance of its own with the formation of a new ménage (as the French would say), that brings a moment of ceremony, and a lifetime of serenity, happiness and confort to the bride and groom. What's important too is that it is not limited to the two protagonists.

It also joins the two realities which are the families of origin of the couple - a momentous occasion for mutiple people.

Monnaluna is very happy to be a part of the Love is not cancelled event, (albeit virtually), this January 30th 2021, an event dedicated to this epic moment in the lives of many. It is a happy and beautiful event and good way to look to the future with brightness. Monnaluna is proud to be a part of it with you together with our partners Italian Girl Bijoux, based in Toronto, Canada.

For me, the family is the epitomy of a "Renaissance" on a nucleic level. The family is the heart of the comunity; the comunity is the heart of a city which, in turn, is one of the many cell blocks of a nation; a nation is then the microcosom of the world in all its cultural realities. If we all view this vision of commonality and unity of merry occasions, especially at this time, these moments of unarguable, sublime, gaiety, will bring us forward and propel us all away from the difficulties of the moment. Being Positive is something we all need to work, on and must trust as the theme of the moment which will show us the way to a better tomorrow. Amanda has already had the chance to get a pair done here in Florence when she decided to get married here and wanted one of our pairs of earrings for that special day. She then kindly provided me with these photos

Indeed we all have common aspirations no matter what part of the world we come from. Weddings are events that bring nervousness, happiness and emotions to the surface like few other things in life. Not always are we able to dominate the expression of our inner emotions - indeed, I think that's part of what should happen, especially in this instance, because we need to be authentic and our emotions are part of our individual essence.

What more could be most symbiotic with our view of accessories? We make each piece by hand and simply love to have things made to order because that, to us, is the epitomy of what the Monnaluna project is all about. You need to be you, and Monnaluna needs to assist you in that and not dictate to you what that should be by proposing static accessories. Monnaluna is the hub of dynamic accessories with Italian taste and quality brought to you through Italian Girl Bijoux for all of North America.

And as Madame Chanel once said: "Accessories are what makes or marks a woman" Monnaluna wants to be a part of what makes you that very special bride along with the very special people that you have there with you at that magical moment in your life. Follow us on social media and let us know how we can be part of it for you - or part of any important event you have lined up!

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