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San Giovanni, June 24th, the Patron Saint of Florence, Italy

Many of you may not know that Patron Saints are very important to Italian cities. Starting from ancient times, as far back as the Greeks and afterwards the Romans, events and festivals were organised in celebration of these Gods (or Saints) to wish wellness upon the city and the population that they were to protect. On June 24th, Florence celebrates #SanGiovanni which is the Patron Saint of this city.

San Giovanni, (or Saint John the Baptist), is also the patron saint of the city of #Torino, in #Piemonte and #Genoa, in #Liguria and I'm sure that the celebrations in those two cities are also not to be undermined. But I haven't ever been to Turin or Genoa on the 24th of June so I will concentrate on what normally happens here in Florence since Florence is where I live and where you can find the Monnaluna shop

We are located on a quaint street called #sdrucciolodepitti

which spins off of #PalazzoPitti, which was the home of the Medici dynasty for centuries. This alley or street, is full of shops and artisans with unique pieces, often made in the same place with the workshop in the back area or in the taverna under the shop (like in our case). It also has a few interesting places to stop and grab a bite like #LaCova or #GustaPizza and many others, leading to, and actually situated in the nearby square, called #PiazzaSantoSpirito ... a favorite location for Florentines and tourists alike for a Pro Secco or a succulent pasts dish like Pici

But to return to this blogs theme, the traditional way Florentines celebrate San Giovanni is fireworks. Fireworks are an attraction that brings a smile to anyone's face no matter what the occasion and no matter where in the world. So much so with the backdrop of Florence I'd say. But last year there was no celebration and this year too, the traditional firework display, has been cancelled.

An alternative to the traditional fireworks, is the highlighting of the medieval gateways still standing around the original perimeter of Florence something that was done already last year during the lockdowns and social distancing regulations. I think we should all try to focus on the effect of this more somber, more introspective way of celebrating Saint John. Perhaps one of the things that we all should consider after all that has occurred this past year and a half, is that it has given us all time to reflect. If during this time we all haven't found a way to be more authentic and true to ourselves, to our own individual projects and goals, respectful of others and to the world we live in, I don't know what will.

But what I really would like to show you here in this month's blog and is tied directly to the celebrations for San Giovanni, is the coronation of the Marzocco. The Marzocco is the heraldic lion that was first commissioned by the republic of Florence in the 14th Century. The original #Marzocco is in the Bargello museum - the one in front of Palazzo Vecchio is only a copy. Some say its name is tied to the latin word Marte (the God of War - Mars). In any case, the coronation of the Marzocco was a tradition that this year has been revived. The coronation takes place 4 days prior to San Giovanni so on June 20th, the crown was placed upon the Marzocco and it will be taken away on the 27th and kept in the Museum called "Tracce di Firenze". The art work of the crown speaks on its own

This is a photo with the Marzocco lion wearing the Corona which is only for a few days prior to and after Saint Johns on June 24th
Marzocco at Palazzo Vecchio

Our small tribute to the Marzocco can be seen here below in this photo on a hotplate done by @miato_firenze and our earrings, available on our website, that are part of our Circle Delight Trio earrings. This particular lion is on the facade of Palazzo Pitti. This is a tribute to sincere collaboration between artisans. We believe it is the best way to promote authentic and mutually beneficial activities and visibility. I will try to write more and more about these unique moments of collaboration to bring to you the FEEL for true Artisan goods, authentically conceived from A to Z here in the heart of Florence, more specifically here in the #Oltrarno, in Sdrucciolo de Pitti

We all hope to have you all here in Florence again soon

This is a perfect example of collaboration between Artisans and their crafts
Marzocco of Palazzo Pitti Circle Delight Trio earrings

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