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The New Year - a return to Renaissance Florence

It has been a while since my last post. But I've been thinking of all of you and working hard on new ideas and new stimuli for all of us so we can move towards the New Year with refreshed spirits and positive energy. In fact, the New Year is just a few minutes away! So I will make this blog short and sweet, but very sincere.

My inspiration as always comes from my home: Florence, italy and all the wonderful people that have been to, and will return to, Florence.

Renaissance Florence Tourists Rinascimento Firenze Turisti

It is, in a nutshell, the most constant source of serenity and of harmony that I can access any time. I am lucky because I have incredible friends, family, clients, tourists that have become friends and business collaborators and all of this is also thanks to where I live. Florence is where the Renaissance found fertile ground and wedged its roots into molding the magical moment in the history of mankind - the Renaissance.

It is where the beginning of the elevation of the good in mankind with a period of prolonged prosperity began. Now, at the end of this very difficult and challenging year, let us all look forward to the New Year ahead, knowing it will reflourish with the growth of knowledge, with the depletion of the woes and of darkness of this moment, just as it did in the Middle Ages. It is a new period with a sure surge in magnificent works of art, because beauty heals the soul; important advances in technology, because it brings us together; and incredible discoveries in the sciences which will cure the body. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel everyone!

There will be countless initiatives and positive vibes coming your way!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! from Monnaluna

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